10 Tips for Safer Web Surfing

Web surfing needs full fortification and some guidelines are provided to perform safer web surfing and they are specified as below:

  • Don’t click on the distrustful links. Sometimes, you may receive a bank letter claiming to change your credentials posted from “abccdee.com” website. So do not attempt to update the credentials because that will take your PC into dreadful viruses.
  • Exploit the anti-spam e-mails and filters. You may get a pop up message stating that you have received a cash amount of one million or one billion and they will also claim that your email address is been selected  as a lucky one out of millions of users and you will receive the amount soon. If that is the case, then Britain would be in great loss now. These are certain tricks played by them to throw you into the hacker’s hands which would affect your PC immensely.
  • Fix an inclusive fortification system along with optimal antivirus software, anti-spam filter, firewall, and a pair of components in order to serve the secure fortification for your computer system. Kaspersky Internet Security, ESET Smart Security and Symantec Norton are some of the prevalent antiviruses and don’t use them continuously for longer period of time. Always remember to update the database frequently. It is always good to update the program automatically.
  • Practice good browsers like Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. A review indicates that numerous malicious scripts, bacteria and worms are applicable for Opera and Internet Explorer. Internet explorer is used by numerous internet users and it is monitored that, upto 67% of the PC users are regularly using it for accomplishing their work. In Russia and Europe, opera is more widely used due to its expediency.
  • Don’t allow your friends, siblings and unknown people to read your personal messages. Though you trust them a lot don’t give your credentials, if not later on you may fall into trouble at the end of the day. So avoid such pathetic issues by not revealing your identity to the other PC users.
  • Purchase Apple Mac which is referred as one of the safe computers and it has got unique architecture.

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Nancy is a computer engineer working for Jupitersupport.com. Jupiter Support provides Virus Removal Service which helps in introducing and creating awareness about these infection removal services to all the PC users and helps them in accomplishing their desired tasks on time.
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