Which Antivirus Program Is Best?

There are many antiviruses that play a vital role in many areas. Depending upon the computer age, the antiviruses will vary and more advanced features will come into picture. For the older home computers, it is good to exploit Panda cloud antivirus and for the robust computers use Comodo Internet security which would give you the optimal results.

“Below mentioned antiviruses have gained reputation by the internet users in the recent years”

Panda Cloud Antivirus:


Panda Cloud is more exploited by numerous internet users and it has very light weight and works very fast. But this program will slow down the computer’s rapidity because most of the information would be saved in the server. There is no need for you to even wait for the upgrades because it will be done automatically. It is monitored that even very big viruses are been mitigated with this antivirus and there is no need to even view the other antiviruses like McAfee and Norton.


Though Panda is well used and liked by many users, it embraces certain drawbacks with it. This antivirus has minor cache file and it will be used particularly when you lose the internet connection due to which millions of viruses enter onto your PC and this will make your PC to fall in trouble. In case if you notice any virus that unable you to connect to the internet then immediately take the correct step then and there itself, if not you would find difficult in detecting it later. Use Virus removal tools and stay away from this tedious issue.

Comodo Internet Security:


This antivirus is very strong and has replaced the Windows Firewall which is an old firewall. This program will check all the executable files which are been accessed from the internet and it will block the one which is not recognized by the user. So by this if any virus tries to enter onto your PC will be detected in the initial stages itself. This is how it plays wonders with the dreadful viruses that come its way.


This program is unidentified and you should pop up every time and should fix new programs.


It is identified that Norton and McAfee are the junior antiviruses for the Panda Cloud Antivirus and Comodo Internet Security antiviruses. As time changes, you may give more preference for some other antivirus programs too. So no antivirus is declared as best. Seek for virus removal service to find out the best antivirus scheme.

There are many more threats which can effect the PC Performance. Like Newfolder.exe, Search Engine Redirect Malware, disabled folder options, task manager disable, registry erros, startup problems, adware threats etc., We can manually delete the Adware threats. So for these viruses we need some Technical Support or a Good anti virus software.


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Nancy is a computer engineer working for Jupitersupport.com. Jupiter Support provides Virus Removal Service which helps in introducing and creating awareness about these infection removal services to all the PC users and helps them in accomplishing their desired tasks on time.
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